Please note that our plans are flexible and may evolve based on community feedback. The following provides an initial glimpse into the post-launch roadmap of the project, but keep in mind that adjustments and input from the community will play a crucial role.

Phase 1

  • Development of the website
  • Development of the $HASH stacking feature
  • DApp launch
  • Marketing
  • ERC-20 $HASH token launch
  • Expanding marketing and promotions

Phase 2

  • Listing at CoinGecko
  • Establish partnerships and collaborations with big projects.
  • Contract audit
  • Addition of new Servers and Nodes
  • Listing at CoinMarketCap
  • CEX Listing

Phase 3

  • Regular project updates based on user feedback.
  • Support Other Payment Opptionalities
  • API launch
  • More AI and machine learning features & tools.

After completing the initial three phases post-launch, as previously explained, our focus will redirect towards sustaining token support through continuous marketing and development initiatives, along with engaging the community through various programs.